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Tool Suite

Tool Suite

Our suite of tools brings power, flexibility, speed and simplicity to your data transformation tasks. Our tool suite features automated tools and processes to move your data properly from one-to-many sources to one-to-many targets in your new application environment. Our tools include the Data Mapper, Data Analyzer, Data Transfer, Data Quality Control, and Data Auditor. The tools identify business gaps quickly and avoid redundant analysis; enable early detection, analysis and resolution of problems, and support quick iterative development and efficient cycle processing.

Data Mapper

The Data Mapper enables our business experts to import all your source data, use their expertise to map source data to target locations; apply business rules to transform your data; and document data maps at the most detailed level. We start using Data Mapper Day One to help jump start your project.

The Data Mapper features include:

  • Easy data import facility supporting over one hundred data file formats
  • Interactive drag-and-drop data mapping
  • Preview record and field level data prior to, during, and after mapping
  • Map data using direct field-to-field, list lookup, database table lookup, and business rule expression mappings
  • Library of reusable data transformation functions
  • Support for DB2, UDB, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, MS Access, and My SQL database management systems
  • Reusable data maps
  • Automated mapping documentation facility

Data Transfer

Our Data Transfer component automatically generates data transformation code from data map; executes conversion programs, and provides test results – all in real time without IT specialists.

Data Transfer functionality includes:

  • Ability to create transfers specifying source and destination file types and maps
  • Validation of source and target data access
  • Preview source data during the transfer
  • Manual or automatic transfer execution
  • Preview target data results
  • Review and verification of transferred data
  • Display of transfer errors

Data Quality Control

The Data Quality Control component integrates our total quality approach with the rest of the TLAG Conversion Factory. Factory analysts identify test strategies and test conditions as early as the data mapping process and create finely tuned test cases using real source test data (no need to contrive data).

Data Quality Control highlights:

  • Use real source data from day one of the project
  • Tie test cases to test conditions identified during the data mapping and data analysis processes
  • Automated test execution and test result reporting
  • Dashboard level test progress reporting

Data Analyzer

The Data Analyzer is bundled within our Toolset. We use our Data Analyzer capability to analyze data prior to even importing and mapping it to assess data quality issues. We reuse the Data Analyzer throughout the process to monitor data and results.

The Data Analyzer contains a set of standard data queries that we have built on an industry by industry basis. The Data Analyzer helps our experts anticipate and identify typical and unique data issues for earliest possible correction.

Data Auditor

The Data Conversion Auditor contains a series of industry specific control and audit summary reports to ensure that your data conversion is controlled and properly balanced.

Since our Audit component can be executed before, during, and after conversion it is a valuable tool to prove that the new target system has received the proper financial amounts and does not drop or corrupt those amounts.