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The TLAG Conversion Factory Methodology evolved over many years of data conversion and system integration projects. The Factory Methodology covers all phases of data conversion and system integration projects. It integrates Factory processes as a series of steps with the right tools and templates that accelerate project deliverables.

The Factory Methodology

Our suite of tools brings power, flexibility, speed and simplicity to your data transformation tasks. In the hands of our business experts, the tools identify and document business gaps quickly and avoid redundant analysis; enable early detection, analysis and resolution of problems, and support quick iterative development and efficient cycle processing.

The Factory methodology consists of a rapid ramp up initiation phase to cover data source inventory and project logistics followed by an agile 5 step iterative cycle:

  • 1 Extract
  • 2 Convert
  • 3 Test
  • 4 Validate
  • 5 Fix

We repeat this cycle to refine and correct the data. This aggressive process allows timely benchmarking and progress reporting of the data conversion activities.