About TLAG
The Life & Annuity Group (TLAG) specializes in Business Migration, Conversion and Application Integration. Our staff of experienced consultants gives you the upper hand to jump start your project utilizing best practices and experience. We know what works and what doesn’t. We work with you to establish an appropriate development and implementation approach to achieve your business goals and objectives.

TLAG has a successful track record of over 40 business migrations & conversions. Our staff averages over 15 years of experience with all types of products, all major insurance systems and every size project. We understand the insurance business and provide a disciplined approach to support your migration or conversion. At TLAG, we recognize that successful projects start by understanding the business; technology is simply the means to deliver the business solution.

Using our proven methodology, we deliver an end-to-end solution and eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty of business migration. Our measurement of success is being
On Time, Within Budget and Exceeding your Expectations.
How We Can Help
At TLAG we believe that business knowledge and experience are the keys to making any initiative successful. Frequently, projects are costly and time consuming, returns on investment come much slower than anticipated and strategic windows of opportunity disappear.

We understand the importance of doing it right the first time; delivering business functionality on time and within budget.

Success is assured when the road map for implementation is well defined, the expectations are established and proven methodologies are applied. Our experience and discovery process quickly identify key program metrics, scope, cost, gaps, risks and milestones. To position your project for success, we offer a complementary workshop and consultation.

For more information about this service, contact Rob Mattioda: rmattioda@tlagconsulting.com

The Conversion Factory
The Life& Annuity Group supports all aspects of a project. We provide a wide range of Business & IT service solutions for the Life and Annuity Insurance Industries. Our End-to-End application support is tailored to meet your business needs and objectives. We provide services at your location or from our Hartford Office. We offer a co-location option at our office in Hartford for the convenience of our customers.
  • Business Migration & Conversion
  • Application Integration
  • BPO & ASP Integration
  • Pre-Acquisition Consolidation
  • Project Resource Specialists
  • Testing & Validation
  • Product Development
  • Business Process Engineering and Modeling
Corporate Modelling
Corporate Modelling, as our international partner, expands our services to include:
  • Business Process Modelling Technology
  • Workflow
  • Grid Processing for the Financial Services Market
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Application Generation
  • Enterprise Improvement


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